Choosing Between Start Up and MNCs

Choosing Between Start Up and MNCs

Start-ups are in the news like never before, particularly with all the IPOs that have floated in the 2021 calendar year alone or are in the works. We discussed the risks, gains and learnings associated with working in a start-up in the previous column. Now let us understand a few skills that could make one successful in a start-up environment.

● Ability to cut to the chase in an environment of chaos and ambiguity

● Ability to thrive in a continuously changing ecosystem

● Ability to be self-driven and operate with high accountability

● Ability to do multiple jobs for the price of one

● Ability to influence the ‘influencers’ with authenticity

Apart from these, there are some key differences between large well-established organizations vs. bootstrapped start-ups.

There is no one way to choose which organisation to work in. Right after getting a degree, some may be in search of financial security, whereas some may be more willing to take risks. Freshers would seek out mentors of large organisations to get groomed and ready for the marketplace, while some others may already come with experience of short gigs from school and college. All of these could determine which kind of organisation becomes the preferred destination for a graduate.

Similarly, we find an equal number of people switching between the two while mid-career. This could stem from a sense of saturation or a need to experiment. It could also be prompted by a need to find routine and processes after constantly drifting through the marketplace.

So, what is your pick? What suits you more?

Chinmaya Udghosh