Mind It!

Mind It!

The moody monkey mind just won’t sit still. It moves about according to its whims, fancies and passions. If the monkey mind is not tamed, it can wreak havoc. It goes here, there and everywhere, and then the body is forced to act, just to keep up with the mind! That’s how the directionless activities of our mind result in often unproductive action. The best part is that the mind IS constantly emoting; it is going through the motions and doing what it does, so it seems like it’s healthy… but is it really?

Desires and attachments make us get involved in endless action. Yes, action is necessary, but that action should be born out of clarity and necessity and not out of restlessness. If action is driven by restlessness, it will only ever be focused on results. This will lead to a non-stop frantic search for peace, without the means to ever gain it. The speed of thought and action will keep increasing and the dissatisfaction too.

Here’s more on the mind. One of its most common shades is delusion. It veils our intellectual powers such as judgment and understanding. We then miscomprehend and we don’t know what to choose and what not to. Thought that is based on delusion takes us further in the wrong direction. The result is utter disillusionment and often depression.

Anastasiya Kargapolova

So can the mind do anything right? Well, if it’s trained, it can work in sync with the intellect and turn its attention on itself. The healthiest kind of mind to have is a clear mind - not tainted by anything, not easily influenced and not handicapped in any way. Frenzied or random behaviour is just not healthy. It makes it difficult for others to understand us, or even for us to understand ourselves and navigate our way through life.

Clear thinking is a blessing on oneself and on others, too. A clear and uncluttered mind can focus uninterrupted and can understand with clarity. It is available to be put to the best possible use. Such a mind does not waste time being twisted up in chaos. It is productive and effective. Those with clear minds are independent thinkers and great achievers. They experience creative moments in life.

Having looked into these temperaments of the mind, THINK!

Which is predominant in you?

You ask, is it possible to go beyond confusion and action to clarity? Here’s a simple activity that we can all do that will make us realise that it is indeed possible – tidy up! If your room or desk or any of your living or working spaces is messy and cluttered, take out the time to clean up and clear out. It is a sure-shot mood modifier and you will notice the transition from confusion, to action, to clarity…

We often wonder why we are facing a particular problem in life. Analyse your mind and notice its activity and tendency – you will find your answer and if you observe carefully, you will also find the solution to the problem.

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