Let me start by sharing with you (and myself) one of life’s greatest and most forgotten facts: We may not be in our ideal place or state of mind right now, but that does not mean that we have to remain this way always. When we believe ourselves to be stuck, we so often forget this simple truth. The funny thing is that we very well know that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) changes, yet we don’t believe that we can unstick ourselves from where we are stuck. Laughable, isn’t it?

So where exactly are we stuck? Normally we are stuck in fear and confusion. We also get stuck in negativity, wrong thinking, desire and attachment, even what we believe to be positive attachments. In one way or another, all of these hold us back and don’t allow us to progress on our path. They don’t allow us to cross over to greener pastures.

If you think about it, everything started at birth. With the occurrence of birth, it should be an accepted fact that the body will die. From one point until the other, pain and deterioration are bound to happen. We have seen it happen to everyone else around us – why won’t it happen to us? Yet, we want to live forever so that we never have to experience pain and death. And how do we approach our wish for immortality? We live in fear. We want to be eternal but only out of the fear of getting hurt and dying. And that’s how the journey goes – paralysed by fear and stuck in the rut!

The lives of great men and women have shown us that when life is lived without the fear factor, when the comfort zone has been left far behind, when one has unstuck oneself and moved courageously into the unknown, that’s the stuff that eternal heroism is made of. No one forgets such a person and their life. In fact, people continue to learn from them and be inspired by them. All because they crossed over. They refused to be stuck where they were.

When we are in an extremely hot and uncomfortable place outdoors in the middle of summer, we make every attempt to move indoors to somewhere cooler and more sheltered. The first step is to feel that heat and to recognise it to be unpleasant. Our problem is that when we are going through the ups and downs of life, we don’t watch ourselves and our thoughts closely enough and we don’t guide ourselves out of it. Even if we do try to come out of it, what do we do to prevent it from happening again? If we don’t, then we are still stuck.

How desperately do we want a state that’s better than the current state? Movement in the right direction is only possible when there is first knowledge of where we presently are. Once we know that and then operate from strength, we can unstick and cross over all that’s been holding us back. Immortality is a life lived beyond our mind-made boundaries. And that freedom is ours for the taking.

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Chinmaya Udghosh