A Dialogue on Vegetarianism - XIII

A Dialogue on Vegetarianism - XIII

Anjali: This should make one careful not to waste food. Growing children require a lot of protein. Meat etc. have all the eight superior quality amino acids that go into making protein, whereas no one vegetarian food item has them. You generally have to combine several vegetable protein foods in order for it to be equivalent to the quality of protein in non-vegetarian food.


Swamiji: Even the mother's milk you don't give and then you start giving chemicals. That is how you start the life of children. A mother's milk is just sufficient for them in the beginning—later on you add the other milk, curd, pulses and you build up. It is quite a healthy diet, a vegetarian diet, as I told you earlier…

Anjali: Yes, I remember. The stamina of the camel, strength of the elephant, and beauty of the horse come from vegetarian food. You did not mention that gorillas are the strongest and most long lived of all the homo sapiens. They are not only vegetarians but are only fruitarians!

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Chinmaya Udghosh