Anjali: Now I would like to ask you some questions on food. What kind of food do you recommend?

Swamiji: What you eat is your concern, not mine.

Anjali: Why is vegetarian food considered better in India?

Swamiji: Eat we must. What we like to eat depends upon one's taste. There are only four things available – stones, plants, animals and humans. Unfortunately, we cannot eat stones because our system is not geared to digest and assimilate them directly. Human beings we sometimes destroy in our cruelty, but we are not in the habit of eating them like cutlets or side plates since our progressive culture does not allow it. The only thing left to choose from is either the vegetable or the animal kingdom. No doubt, since prehistoric times animals have been eaten, but we find that the very first progenitor of humanity, Adam himself, was eating only vegetables; It is only his second son who started this easy method of obtaining food because agriculture seemed to be too difficult for him, as it required a continuous process of putting forward effort in order to produce. Whereas sitting behind a stone, waiting for innocent animals to come along, and destroying and eating them seemed to be the easiest way!

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Chinmaya Udghosh