Vegetarianism - IV

Vegetarianism - IV
Continued from the previous issue.

Anjali: Some Chinese eat it and our tribal people also.

Swamiji: They somehow or the other kill it and tie it down and plaster it with some herbs. Then a kind of water drips out of the meat, maybe carrying some toxins out.

Anjali: Probably like our karela, the bitter gourd vegetable.

Swamiji: You boil it and pour it away, boil it and pour it away so that the bitterness is reduced, probably something like that, and then you eat it.

A carnivorous animal is never tamed. Take a tiger or lion. In the circus people do it and if the lion gets angry and you happen to give him a chance the lion tamer becomes his lunch! It is evident that the mind becomes soft and receptive and available for training only when it is mellow and it had been found that vegetarian food makes the mind more mellow, more plastic and the personality is gentle rather than vicious.

Anjali: But doesn't the tiger have a better personality than a donkey?

Swamiji: Yes! Do you want a personality or a character? What is that you want? We are talking of culture and not beauty.

Vegetarianism - IV
Vegetarianism - III

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