Vegetarianism - IX

Vegetarianism - IX
Krause, Johansen

Anjali: All right. Let's put it this way. How come his kind of character found vegetarian food tasty!

Swamiji: What I meant was that whatever food you are eating, we need a little it is the mood of the mind that determines the choice and from his standpoint and level he did not feel anything wrong. He was probably calculating that during the First World War how many people died and how many of his Germans died. He wanted to reorganise his country. How was he going to reorganise his country? These are the community of people standing against the progress – that was his way of thinking. See! His anger turned that way, and a German is such that whatever he does he does it thoroughly. And he did it thoroughly! Now don't misunderstand, I am not supporting his theory. But his intentions from where he was looking at the problem were at the level of rajoguna at its highest pitch wherein he had sunk into the lowest depth or maybe gone crazy. Once you get angry you can go crazy. And poor fellow he happened to be at the top of things. So then, there is no end.

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