Vegetarianism - X

Vegetarianism - X
Krause, Johansen

Anjali: His moral sensitivity was low – what we talked about earlier. You were saying that the character of an individual personality finds a liking for a particular type of food. Does this liking indicate anything subjective?

Swamiji: Vegetarian food by itself cannot make you a noble person. When your mind is bending towards rajasik and tamasik traits, these tastes will come to your mind which will be a kind of panel dashboard indicator indicating the condition of the machine inside. A red light comes which indicates that the dynamo is not charging, or whatever it is. Similarly, while sitting, I suddenly feel the desire to go out and eat golgappas2 because it is a Sunday and I have nothing else to do, but such a thought will not come on an active Monday morning while going to the office. I am just giving an example. So thereby I don't say that pure vegetarians from birth onward don't do anything violent.

Many are in jail for even murder. So, it is not eating the food that determines your character or your tendencies but the mental tendencies that give a taste, a special taste in your mind, a taste in you for such food. So, whenever we find that the mind is tending toward rajasik or tamasik food and drink as enumerated in the eighteenth chapter of Bhagavad Gita, immediately remember to tune up the mind's attention to the higher from the lower as this is an indicator.

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