Vegetarianism - XI

Vegetarianism - XI
Krause, Johansen

Anjali: You would not recommend that a person should turn vegetarian unless he has an inner inclination?


Swami Chinmayananda: No. I don't want him to become a vegetarian by force. But very many people become vegetarians because it happens to be the trend. Just as one tries drugs because it happens to be the trend. Similarly one can introduce vegetarianism as a positive trend among people. For instance, if a person gets chronic headaches, one can recommend vegetarian food for a period of two months. The headache may or may not go but the person feels happy with that food. Having tried it he doesn't find it so bad. One can recommend but not force anyone or insist upon it. The individual must himself decide after trying it, ‘Am I unhappy?’ If not, try it once or twice a week and then slowly build it up. The sensitivity of the mind also builds up and he feels a cultural call that to satisfy one and a half inches of his tongue he has taken the life of a conscious being.

Vegetarianism - XI
Vegetarianism - X

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