Ram and Sita

kr̥tavaivāhikakautuka rāma |
kr̥tavaivāhikakautuka rāma |

Lord Ram is the supreme state of existence. Although his form is bound to a man, his embodiment as pure consciousness means that he revels in the happiness within. It’s this stillness which gives him countless qualities that serve to attract people towards him. His equipoise in all situations, calm and serene nature, gentle smile and perfect clarity, are but a handful of the traits that make him extremely attractive. For Sri Ram, his desires are few and insignificant. He does not want much because all that he could ever want or be, was everything that he already has and is. Yet, the young prince understands that the nature of his dharma is to serve his father and eventually his kingdom. Part of doing both involves getting married to please his father, as well as to serve the kingdom by providing an heir to the throne.

Sri Ram’s qualities attract similar virtues from others. In Sita, he has the most beautiful and virtuous wife he can ever hope for. Sita is described in Valmiki Ramayana as having been born from the earth, making her an embodiment of Mother Nature and a representation of matter. Her character is a true depiction of femininity; she espouses natural beauty with maternal qualities and virtues of grace, kindness and compassion. Lord Ram is delighted to be blessed with such a wife, with whom companionship would make life joyous and fulfilling. For him, there is no other person in the world who is suitable to marry. The marriage is a union of Sita’s purity and Ram’s righteousness, values that can lead us to the divine. Thus, the bond between Sita and Ram gives us a glimpse of the divine, through the beauty of their love.

The love they share is of the highest form, as it is based on a mutual recognition of divinity that resides in one another. It is based on a deep union as avatars of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, two energies that are always in tandem with one another. The human representation of this love comes in the form of Sri Ram and Sita, who are reunited like two old friends, serving to strengthen the deep bond between Vishnu and Lakshmi. At a poetic level, Sri Ram and Sita represent the union of consciousness and matter, the realisation of which is the goal of a seeker.

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