Ram, the Slayer of Maricha

mārīcādinipātaka rāma
mārīcādinipātaka rāma

Both the brothers, Sri Ram and Lakshman accompany sage Vishwamitra to keep guard at his yagnashala. Having put an end to the menace of the ogress Tataka, Sri Ram is confronted by her enraged son Maricha, just as the sage’s yagna is about to begin. With the intention of preventing the yagna (one that would benefit all), Maricha and Subahu - two ogres, swoop down on the sacrificial altar spreading their dreadful sorcery. Lord Ram dismisses Maricha and the other ogre far from the sacred site using his powerful, divine weapons.

Numerous ogres that feed on the flesh of the rishis, disturb the peace and trouble the innocent and continuously confront Sri Ram. In the Dandaka forest, the ascetic prince encounters Viradha, a dreadful man-eating ogre and eliminates him with the help of Lakshman, at the instance he tries to harm Sita.

While they are living in Panchavati, the ugly, large bellied ogress Surpanakha, Ravan’s sister, gets infatuated by Lord Ram’s charm. When rebuked by the Lord, she tries to attack Sita. Lakshman chops off her nose and ears. Sri Ram defeats and kills her brothers Khara and Dushana and the angry horde of ogres who come to avenge her insult.

Kabandha the ogre is told by Lord Brahma that he will return to his original form only when Sri Ram chops his arms off. When Sri Ram severs his arms, Kabandha leaves his ogre body and tells him how to locate Sita.

During the war that ensues to win back Sita from the clutches of Ravan, Sri Ram overthrows the colossal Kumbhakarna. Sri Ram encounters and eliminates evil monsters one after another, each more challenging to defeat, the most terrifying of all is Ravan - the ruler of all rakshasas, the overlord of all evil. Sri Ram eliminates him successfully, that is, he destroys all vice that obstructs the path of virtue. As a seeker, one must show no mercy when confronted by evil and instantly purge oneself of all negative tendencies.

As a seeker one must show no mercy when confronted by evil and instantly purge oneself of all negative tendencies.

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