Rama – King Janaka’s Delight

विदेहमानसरञ्जक राम | vidēhamānasarañjaka rāma |
vidēhamānasarañjaka rāma
vidēhamānasarañjaka rāma

The great sage Vishwamitra, Sri Ram and Lakshman walk towards the city of Mithila. Stopping at the banks of the glorious Ganga, the Lord pays his respects to the holy river along with the sages. As the congregation of noble souls walk, they quickly draw nearer to the city of Mithila. As their eyes fall upon the city, Lord Ram and his younger brother are greatly delighted at the sight of the beautiful city, adorned on all sides with flower gardens, orchards and groves full of blossoms and fruits, the air abuzz with the harmonious sound of chirping birds. As the group nears the city, sage Vishwamitra, pointing out a wonderful mango grove, suggests they stop there for some time. Whilst the sage rests, Sri Ram and Lakshman take the holy sage’s permission to explore the surroundings.

Meanwhile, King Janak receives news of the arrival of the wise and noble sage Vishwamitra. Elated, he immediately hastens, accompanied by his faithful minister, numerous wise men and many others, to welcome his guest. Upon arriving at the grove, the king places his head at the feet of the sage, revelling in his presence. At that moment, Sri Ram and Lakshman return. Everyone present is awestruck by their beauty. Beholding their lovely and charming appearance, their gaze is drawn towards them.

King Janak, finding his heart overwhelmed with love, exclaims to the great sage, ‘Tell me, my lord, are these two boys Brahman, the absolute, in dual form? My mind, which is dispassion itself, in its natural form, is enraptured by their sight. These two boys, one who is dark and the other who is fair, are the delight of delight itself’.

As sage Vishwamitra reveals their identities, the king gazes intently upon them, particularly on Lord Ram, his heart overflowing with feelings of love and his whole body jolted with the joy of Sri Ram’s presence.

My mind, which is dispassion itself in its natural form, is enraptured by their sight’.

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