Rama, Who Has a Radiant Face Like the Full Moon

rākācandrasamānana rāma |
rākācandrasamānana rāma |

Brilliance of virtue always radiates in one who lives life on the path of righteousness. A paragon of virtue, Lord Ram, is one who has lived life in such a way. Every thought, word and deed, shines with goodness, rectitude and nobility. His actions always have a sanctifying effect on the community, vindicating his own righteousness and purifying those around him. These are the qualities of light - one which shines brilliantly; one which eradicates darkness; one which awakens us out of ignorance and illumines the world.

Lord Ram shines brilliantly, reflecting his light upon others just as the full moon does, leaving all those around him gazing in awe at his beauty. Just as dawn dispels the night, his very presence dispels sorrow and ignorance from the lives of men. The beloved of Sita is a symbol of perfection, one who lives each moment of his life in complete accordance with dharma. Every aspect of his life reflects the virtue of righteousness (dharma), which he personifies. In and through the mystery, the magic, the tenderness, the pathos and even the war and violence in the Ramayana, one cannot miss the dutiful son, the obedient student, the mighty warrior, the selfless friend, the ideal husband, the supreme king and the refuge of the masses in Sri Ram. He is a symbol of perfection and his life has a great transforming influence on the lives of generations of people.

When one follows dharma and lives a righteous life, one certainly becomes a divine personality and shines out as a beacon of light, inspiring people to become righteous and a pillar of strength for others to lean on. The sublime beauty, resulting from virtues, illumines one’s being with an inner light that shines brilliantly on the face, as is the case with Sri Ram.

The pure light of one’s true spiritual nature can shine forth only in the one who, having mastered his senses, lives a selfless life of goodness, courage and wisdom as epitomised by Sri Ram.

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