Against All Odds

Against All Odds

‘Well, life seems to be getting really hectic these days. The world is just recovering from a pandemic. Still, we see wars happening, countries fighting each other economically, there are talks of recession, and so many people are getting fired from companies. It sometimes really worries me, VR. How do we face such difficult odds?’ asked a concerned Maanav.

‘Well, Maanav, there can be many specific solutions to the specific problems you have mentioned but if you talk about facing impossible odds then I can share such a scenario from Ramayana’, replied VR.

‘That’s what I come to you for, VR! Do share’, replied Maanav.

‘After Shurpanakha got her face disfigured by Lakshmana, she went to her brother Khara who was ruling Janasthan, the place where Sri Rama had set up his hermitage. Instigated by Shurpanakha, Khara sent fourteen strong warriors to kill Sri Ram and Lakshmana. Undaunted, Sri Ram finished them all with  fourteen arrows!’

‘Hmm…taking on fourteen warriors at one time is challenging but they may not be impossible odds, VR!’

‘I am not done with my story, Maanav. Shurpanakha went back to her brother to report what happened and taunted him. Enraged, Khara took his full force of 14,000 rakshasas and marched against Sri Ram. Sri Ram asked Lakshmana to take Sita Devi to a cave and decided to face them alone!’

‘Wow, one vs. 14,000, now those are tough odds!’, exclaimed Maanav.

‘The rakshasas surrounded Sri Ram and charged at him, but Sri Ram set forth an endless stream of arrows, each of which found its mark. The battlefield was strewn with the corpses of rakshasas. Dushana, a general of Khara then took on Rama with a unit of 5000 rakshasas all of whom were destroyed by Sri Ram. Then, Trishiras, a fierce warrior fought a terrible battle with Sri Ram and was eventually slain. Finally, Khara gathered the remaining warriors for a final assault. Sri Ram vanquished the entire lot and killed Khara too. Thus, the entire 14000-strong army of elite rakshasa was wiped out by Sri Ram in a battle that lasted an hour and a half!’

‘Well, as fascinating as it sounds, Sri Ram, being a god, would have done it with his magical powers without even breaking a sweat. But what can mere humans do in such situations!‘

‘Well, Sri Ram did display superhuman prowess but he used no magic! Sri Ram was severely injured and was covered in blood during the battle. Trishiras hit Sri Ram on his forehead with three arrows. Khara wounded Sri Ram so badly that he collapsed on the ground at one time. But he recovered quickly to continue the battle. Sri Ram literally poured his sweat and blood into this battle’.

‘Wow, VR! I never knew this side of Sri Ram. This makes Him even more inspiring. I think, if we do the right thing, we should have the courage to stand up against all odds. I will keep a picture of Sri Ram with his bow and arrow as my wallpaper to remind me of his strength and courage. Thank you so much for this inspiration, VR!’

‘Happy to be of use, Maanav. Until we meet again, thank you for using Ramayana Reboot!’

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