Growing in Confidence

Growing in Confidence

‘Hi VR, I have taken up an internship at a company. Initially, I was very excited but when I heard about the tasks expected of me, I started to feel very nervous.  It’s the first time I have been given such a big responsibility. What if I make mistakes? I don’t think I am up to it. I feel like quitting. Is there some Ramayana reference that can help me?’ asked an anxious Maanav.

‘A youngster suddenly being given responsibility and not feeling up to it. Yes. I believe there is one famous character in Ramayana who went through something similar’.

‘Who was it, VR?’

‘Vaali’s son Angada was an immensely talented youngster but always lived under the shadow of his legendary father. When Sri Rama killed Vaali, Angad was distraught and his mother Taara was concerned about his safety. Sri Rama assured her that Angad would not face any danger and when Sugreeva was crowned king, Angada became the crown prince. He enthusiastically led the search party that went South’.

‘Yes, I remember this part when you told me about Sampaati. How the vanaras were ready to kill themselves since they were unable to find Mother Seeta within the deadline given by Sugreeva. Sampaati then told them the actual location of Mother Seeta’, replied Maanav recollecting the incident.

‘Glad to see that you remember it, Maanav. Your memory is as good as mine! After Sampaati told them the location, Angad’s confidence partially returned but he still felt it was too daunting a task for him to go and come back from Lanka. It was then that Jambavan awakened Hanuman’s hidden potential!’

‘Oh, yes, Hanuman’s epic journey! I can kinda feel for Angad here. Wanting to achieve great things but not feeling confident to do it!’

‘Yes. But Angada did not give up. Before the war, Sri Rama gave him a great task. To have one last chance of negotiating peace with Raavan. Angad took up the challenge. He fearlessly addressed Raavan, rubbished Raavan’s offer of asking him to switch sides and instead showed the warriors there a glimpse of his strength. That really dashed their confidence ahead of a big battle.’

‘Wow, he achieved all that?!’ asked a surprised Maanav.

‘Yes, even in the battle, he played a key role in killing many asuras as well as disrupting Indrajit’s yagna. He was respected by all despite his young age!’

‘Hmm… that is inspiring, VR. Even If I cannot become a Hanuman, I can surely try becoming an Angad. As always, thank you so much, VR!’

‘Happy to be of use, Maanav. Until we meet again, thank you for using Ramayana Reboot!’

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