Power of Encouragement

Power of Encouragement

‘I am really frustrated with Amol!’ exclaimed Maanav.

‘There are three Amols in your contact list. Who are you referring to?’ asked VR.

‘I am talking about my cousin Amol. The guy is so talented but has very little confidence in himself. He is a brilliant singer and has good mastery over ragas but refuses to represent his school in the “Singing Sensation” competition!’

‘That is quite unfortunate. Have you found out why he is reluctant to participate?’

‘He does not recognize his own skills. When he was a kid, he used to get bullied a lot and he lost his confidence. He still thinks he is not good enough!’

‘A talented individual unaware of their own strength due to a childhood incident. What your cousin needs is a Jambavan’, replied VR.

‘Wait, what! Jambavan as in the talking bear?’ asked a puzzled Maanav.

‘Yes. But Jambavan was a lot more than that. He was the son of Brahmaji and a very powerful warrior. He was also highly experienced and wise. During the search for Sita Mata, he was part of the team that went to the South. When they became aware of Sita Mata’s presence in Lanka, they were all disappointed as none of them had the ability to go and come back from there. It was at that moment that Jambavan-ji reminded Hanuman of his strength’.

‘Well VR, in his case he must have just said some mantras and Hanuman regained his lost powers. Unfortunately, I know no such magic!’ shrugged Maanav.

‘Well, Maanav, Jambavan does no such thing! He reminds Hanuman of his glorious lineage and all the great accomplishments that he has done. He also reminds Hanuman of the importance of this mission and how it was entirely dependent on him. By giving Hanuman self-belief and reminding him of the importance of his contribution, Jamabavan awakened the dormant powers in Hanuman. It was simply the magic of encouragement!’

‘Hmm. I think you have something there. I have been simply trying to force Amol into this without providing him the right encouragement. I am going to search for some of his videos where he has sung beautifully and show it to him. I will also ask his favorite teacher to speak to him, I am sure he will do it for her sake. Thanks, VR, for reminding me once again of the magic of encouragement!’

‘Happy to be of use, Maanav. Until we meet again, thank you for using Ramayana Reboot!’

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