Taking on a Challenge!

Taking on a Challenge!

'You know VR, all my project partners are a bunch of magicians! Whenever it is time to do something simple and rewarding, they will show up out of nowhere and whenever we get stuck with a challenging task, they will disappear into thin air!' exclaimed a visibly frustrated Maanav.

'Considering your tone, I believe it is safe to assume that this is sarcasm mixed with angst?' replied VR.

'Angry and sarcastic… the perfect way to describe me!' quipped Maanav.

'While Lakshmana being quick to get angry is quite well known, Lakshmana never got angry for himself. His anger was always directed towards injustice. Secondly, Lakshmana was also someone who never shied away from a challenge!'

'Well, I do know that he was very devoted to Sri Ram and Sita Devi, but do tell me more about this side of him!’ asked Maanav curiously.

'When Vishwamitra Rishi asked for Sri Ram, Dasharatha also sent Lakshmana with him and Lakshmana went without any protest. He also helped eliminate the rakshasas who were interfering with the yagna. Again, when Mother Kaikeyi asked for Sri Ram to go to the forest, Lakshmana happily went along to serve Sri Ram and Sita Devi. Again, in the forest, he did all the work of creating a hermitage, keeping watch at night, bringing the various things Sri Ram needed for doing his rituals, etc. He also punished Shurpanakha when she tried to attack Sita Devi, yet had to bear cruel words from Sita Devi during the Mareecha episode. Again, he was the one who was sent to warn Sugreeva when he forgot his promise to Sri Ram.

'Wow! I didn’t realise the amount of responsibility Lakshmanji handled', replied Maanav.

'Even during the war with Raavana, after he was almost fatally wounded by Indrajit, he once again went to face him and eventually killed him. Sri Ram could have also killed Indrajit, but he knew that his brother would never back away from a challenge and would rather face it head-on. Again when Sita Devi decided to do Agni Pravesh, it was Lakshmana who she asked to light the fire. It was Lakshmana who also had to take her to the Valmiki ashram when the people of Ayodhya started criticising her. All the things which were the hardest to do were given to Lakshmana and no matter how difficult or painful it was, he never backed away from a challenge!'

'Hmm… this is making me see Lakshmanji in an entirely new light, VR! I think I am also going to draw inspiration from him and put in the effort for completing the project. At the same time, I am also going to have a stern and honest word with my project partners and remind them of their responsibility like Lakshmanji warned Sugreeva! Wish me luck, VR, and once again, thank you so much!'

'Happy to be of use, Maanav. Until we meet again, thank you for using Ramayana Reboot!'

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