Temptations and Mistakes!

Temptations and Mistakes!

'Hi Maanav, It has been a while since we met. Hope everything is well at your end?' asked VR.

'Sorry, VR. I have been on a binge-watching spree of late. It is so addictive that I am not able to do anything else! Even at college, I have become tardy because my mind is preoccupied with the shows. I know it is wrong but I cannot resist the temptations. When mom tried to tell me about it I only ended up becoming angry and fighting with her. I am feeling shame and guilt, VR!'

'I am sorry to hear about your recent challenges Maanav. But falling for temptations is natural. Even Mother Sita succumbed to it once.'

'Maa Sita? That’s hard to believe. Are you referring to the golden deer episode? Please tell me in more detail'.

'Yes, Maanav. I am talking about the same. Mareecha, forced by Raavana, assumed the form of a golden deer. Its body was studded with jewels, its antlers were made of silver. It had a beautiful gait and seemed playful and attractive. Sitaji, who had given up all the royal comforts to live with Ram, was enamoured by the deer. She kept describing it and pressing Ram to capture it for her. As Sita had never asked him anything before with such persistence, Ram decided to get the deer for her. Lakshmana was the only one who suggested the deer may be a rakshasa. He even named Mareecha as a possible suspect. But the more Lakshmana warned, the more Sita wanted the deer'

'I get that feeling when you get annoyed with someone who tries to stop you from doing what you want even if they say it for our good'

'Ram eventually went after it and after a long pursuit, Ram realised it was indeed an asura and killed it. With his dying breath, Mareecha mimicking Ram’s voice called to Lakshmana and Sita for help. As Lakshmana realised the trickery, he refused to go. Sita panicked though and started accusing Lakshmana of having illicit intentions toward her and threatened to kill herself if he did not go. Hurt by this, a sad and anxious Lakshmana set out in search of Ram. Thus, left unprotected, Sita got kidnapped by Raavana'

'The part where Ma Sita accuses Lakshmana is too painful to watch because of all the sacrifices Lakshmana had made! I am sure she, too, would have repented a lot. I can empathize with her because I too spoke many things to Mom in anger that I repent! So what is the way out of this guilt?'

'The way that Sita showed is the way out. Since that one mistake, she never gave in to temptations ever again. Even when Raavana offered her untold riches, power, and prestige, she did not give in. No matter whether it was inducements or threats, she kept remembering Ram and stayed firm. That’s how she held on till Hanuman met her and finally Ram killed Raavana'

'Hmm… So basically, the best way to repent for me is to be firm. I will also remember Ram and use his name as a mantra to overcome temptations. I will start by apologising to Mom. Thanks, VR. As always you and Ramyana have come to my rescue!'

'Happy to be of use, Maanav. Until we meet again, thank you for using the Ramayana Reboot!'

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