Disintegration between Mind and Intellect – II

Disintegration between Mind and Intellect – II

That man could have pursued a career in a branch of the military, or a related industry, where he would earn plenty of money and enjoy the pleasures and comforts of life. After all, one rarely hears of an impoverished aeronautics engineer, or a designer of fighter jets having to go without a meal! He could then have used some of his wealth to help other people pursue their aim of joining the military, too. This way both his desires could have been fulfilled. It is important to consider all possible ways of achieving your unrealised desires. Do not sit and regret what you have not been able to achieve – look at alternative avenues. The conflict between our desires or priorities is sometimes a creation of our own minds.

I had always wanted to go and serve in the villages of India, but various life situations took me on a different path. Today I have attained a life of service nonetheless – it is just in a different manner from what I had envisaged as a youngster.

Not all desires are opposed. Think laterally. Consider alternative ways of achieving your unrealised ambitions and goals.

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Chinmaya Udghosh