Disintegration between Mind and Intellect – IV

Disintegration between Mind and Intellect – IV

Sometimes our goals may be good and yet conflict. Then, in order to make a decision, the scriptures say we should seek counsel from a person who is wise and more experienced than ourselves – somebody who lives a virtuous life and is our well-wisher.

If this is not possible, we should take our lead from history and the epics of our culture. We should not study history just to pass exams. Many of the situations we face today have occurred before, and we can use the lessons of the past to guide our current actions. When I am asked a question, I often refer to examples from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana because there is no incident from today that has not been addressed in these epics. We can study the lives of these great personalities to learn how they resolved conflicts. Just as lawyers study precedents, we should study the great epics.

If this avenue is not open to you, integrate your mind and intellect, calm yourself and make a decision, right or wrong.

Seek wise counsel before deciding between two equally good paths. In the absence of advice, simply decide and proceed. Avoid indecision.

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Chinmaya Udghosh