Duty and Love - 1

Duty and Love - 1

Duty and Love It may appear difficult to muster up all the prerequisites to perform your duty but all you really need to remember is that nothing is impossible for love. No mountain is too steep to climb for your beloved. You may be foolish in attempting the climb but you will do it because when you are in love, that which is difficult becomes easy.

Often, when people fall in love they will do all sorts of strange things, take on all sorts of challenges. They will fight wars with their parents, wear clothes they do not necessarily like, pour gallons of perfume on themselves and even go bald from pulling back and gelling their hair over and over again! What sacrifice is too much when you are in love?

The power of love is so great that nothing appears too difficult or arduous for one who loves. Lakṣmaṇa so loved his brother that he was willing to accompany him into exile, forsaking the comforts of the palace and the company of his wife. Living in exile for fourteen years was not easy for a young man, more so one who was on the verge of inheriting an entire kingdom, but out of love for his father and the integrity King Daśaratha and all his forefathers stood for, Rāmacandra endured it.

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