Duty and Love – 2

Duty and Love – 2

After their return to Ayodhya, Sītā was separated from her husband again; although she knew he loved her and she had done no wrong, she bore her exile out of her love for her husband and his dedication to duty. Rāmacandra sacrificed and agreed to Sītā's exile because he loved the people of his kingdom and wanted to protect them, despite the fact that their perception of their queen was based on falsehoods and misconceptions. Even the greatest sacrifices come easily where there is love, because there is nothing more powerful than love.

Nothing appears difficult to one who loves. Any duty can be fulfilled where love is the motivating force. Any fulfilment that arises from pursuing worldly goals, no matter how noble, will pass. The finite world can only give finite joy. If it is infinite fulfilment you seek, know that it can be discovered only when we make the Infinite our goal.

But if we dedicate our worldly goals to the Lord and work towards them in an attitude of love and dedication to Him, then through our worldly pursuits, we can come to attain the Infinite.

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Chinmaya Udghosh