Fear of Consequences-II

Fear of Consequences-II

Continued from the previous issue.

When some of the businessmen questioned the practicality of his stance, he replied, ‘Why did we not think of this before we went into action? That man gave his land expressly for a school to be built there, and we must honour our promise. We will have to learn by bearing the consequences of our decision’.

Whatever you have done, whether wrong or even criminal, bear the consequences. However high the price, be prepared to pay it. Facing the consequences of your actions trains the intellect to avoid mistakes. If you are so afraid of making mistakes that you run away from the consequences of bad decisions, you will continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

Worst of all, if you are afraid of consequences, you will avoid making a choice. So what if you make the wrong choice? Never remain undecided. Eventually you will not make mistakes and your decisions will be firm. When you can hold steadfastly to your true nature and your duty, you will no longer make wrong choices.

Do not be afraid to learn from your mistakes. Bear the consequences of your decisions and your intellect will learn to make firm and wise decisions. Never remain in indecision.

Inner conflict can be resolved by awareness of your duty to uphold your true nature; by bringing your lower personality under the influence of your higher personality; by making firm decisions; and by bearing the consequences of your decisions.

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