Freedom and Duty – I

Freedom and Duty – I

Each person has a unique talent or special quality to express in life. Your uniqueness can be determined simply by doing whatever is required of you at any given moment to the best of your capacity.

This approach will free you from likes and dislikes. When they are gone, there are no opposing forces to prevent life from giving you the way forward. Likes and dislikes make you waver from the right path. They create obstacles or set up resistance, which in turn produces conflict.

People who are not able to surrender strong likes and dislikes, strong desires, should at least make sure they fulfil them by the right means. Of course, there are some desires that should simply never be fulfilled: things that are inherently wrong and should not be done even in moderation. You do not take cyanide in moderation, do you? If a desire is harmful and has no benefits, drop it.

Other desires can be fulfilled, but remember to always maintain moderation. Unlike cyanide, a little chocolate may not harm you, but a lot will. Excess of anything is harmful.

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Chinmaya Udghosh