Fulfilling Your Duty - III

Fulfilling Your Duty - III

Likes and dislikes are conquered when you recognise your duty and do it uncompromisingly. Most people do their duty when it is convenient and when they feel like it. Young people love their parents and will do anything for them – as long as they are free to do whatever they want. The day their parents stop them from participating in some activity, they revolt.

People who do their duty uncompromisingly do not come under the sway of likes and dislikes or the temptations these forces create. Lakṣhmaṇa, Ramacahandra’s brother, was unaffected by the beauty of Surpanakha when she came to

tempt him because he held firmly to his duty. No woman could tempt Ramachandra when Sita was sent away because he steadfastly adhered to his duty as a husband.

Duty is not always convenient. But if you have trained yourself to hold firmly to duty, however disagreeable it be, you will always excel, because then you are free of likes and dislikes. Nothing will disturb your focus.

Adhere firmly to your duty and you will be free of conflicts and temptations. You can then master your personality and achieve anything in the world.

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Chinmaya Udghosh