Likes and Dislikes - I

Likes and Dislikes - I

Our personal inclinations, our likes and dislikes, are forces of division: they are at the root of all conflict in our lives. They create disintegration between the mind and the intellect, differences between people and confusion between competing desires and duties. Likes and dislikes divide the external world as well as the inner world (of the mind). Be it in society, the family or the individual, the opposing forces of likes and dislikes destroy unity and tear things apart.

Lord Krishna points out in the Bhagavad Gita that attachment to likes and dislikes leads to confusion, anxiety and conflict. Your likes and dislikes urge you towards actions that you know are wrong but nevertheless undertake, even when you know the negative consequences.

If you can eliminate your attachment to your personal inclinations, your likes and dislikes, your life will become easy. You will be free of conflict.

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