Performance of Duty - I

Determining Your Duty
Performance of Duty - I

The primary duty of all human beings is to know the truth: the truth about themselves. This can be understood in a number of ways: When you perform your duty, you are being true to yourself. Hence, performance of your unique duty is dharma.

The essence of all things, your own essential Self, cannot be negated. It is therefore the truth. So to know your essential Self is also dharma.

The word dharma also means, ‘that because of which you exist’. You are nothing without your dharma. It is your very essence. For example, the sweetness of sugar is its dharma; sugar is nothing without sweetness.

Your primary dharma is to know the truth of your essential Self, your ‘reason for being’. Hence, Truth itself is dharma and to know the Truth is dharma.

To be continued.

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Chinmaya Udghosh