Prerequisites for Duty - I

Prerequisites for Duty - I

The prerequisites for fulfilling one’s duty are the 3 Cs:

• Conviction • Commitment • Cooperation

And the 3 Ds:

• Decisiveness • Devotion • Discipline

Before you undertake any duty, you have to make a firm decision to do it. You can only take that decision when you are completely convinced it is right. Decisions are thus born from convictions, and both decision and conviction are the first prerequisites for effective performance of duty.

The second requirement is commitment. You must be committed to your duty. Otherwise you will only do it if you feel like it or if it is convenient. In this age, even on the spiritual path, it is rare to encounter true commitment. You cannot attain your goals without commitment, and commitment manifests where there is devotion to your cause. Without devotion, there is no commitment and without commitment, there can be no devotion.

The third prerequisite for duty is cooperation: Cooperation not just from others, but also internal cooperation. Your own faculties need to work together harmoniously. You cannot succeed when the intellect decides one thing and the emotional mind wants another. And so discipline is indispensable for cooperation. Without discipline, a team cannot work harmoniously, and without discipline we cannot gain the mind/intellect integration that is essential for success.

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