Prerequisites for Duty - II

Prerequisites for Duty - II

(continued from March 2023 issue)

Without discipline, a team cannot work harmoniously, and without discipline we cannot gain the mind/intellect integration that is essential for success. Keeping time is a good example. Often we can be lax with our timekeeping, making others wait and not doing tasks when we mean to do them. This reduces our efficiency and we simply achieve less. If you form the habit of adhering to the times you set for yourself, whether it be in terms of meeting others or scheduling tasks, you will find you have plenty of time to attend to everything properly. It just requires a little discipline.

Discipline will keep your senses in check. It frees you, rather than binding you. Without discipline, your life can dissipate in vacillation and procrastination.

Decide upon your duty with conviction, then work with commitment and devotion. Be disciplined and secure cooperation both within yourself and with other people.

To make decisions, to be devoted to a cause and to have discipline, requires strength of conviction. For this, you must have the confidence that you can achieve your goals. Where self-confidence is lacking, another source of conviction that your goal is achievable, is required. In such situations, you must have faith. Simply have faith that it can happen.

You can move from potential to performance when you have the strength of confidence, the strength of conviction or the strength of faith. Any of these three make success possible. And, indeed, where there is faith, our convictions and confidence grow. And where there is conviction and confidence, we take action and may feel that we are being helped by an unseen hand: and we gain faith, that our path is the right one for us and that we are born to succeed.

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