The Highest Love - II

The Highest Love - II

If you are dedicating your actions to God and He does not appear to want to let you act, take Gurudev’s advice: Let Him do it! Truly, life then becomes such fun. It is like working for a company – you do your job to the best of your ability but the boss is the one who loses if the company is unsuccessful, not you.

And when every action you do is for God's sake, whatever result you receive is His prasāda or gift to you. Do not work for a fixed result; it is not entirely in your hands and successes and failures will come and go. Work for Him instead.

When you work in this way, dedicating your actions to the Lord, successes and failures do not bind you.

When you act for profit or recognition, your successes bring fleeting joy but then you want more. And your failures either make you despondent or, at best, prompt you to continue acting. Either way, the feeling of incompleteness is never removed: and so you act on, seeking fulfilment that does not lie in worldly success but is in fact your true nature.

But when you dedicate all actions to the Lord and accept successes and failures as they come, you not only work at optimum efficiency but also discover the secret of inspired action. Your successes and failures lose the capacity to bind you to further action and you become free.

Dedicate your actions to the Lord and recognise that all results are a gift from Him. Transcend success and failure and discover the real joy of life.

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