The Influence of Vasanas

The Influence of Vasanas

From the standpoint of the absolute Truth or absolute Self, your dharma is to know the Truth. But in everyday life we are inhibited in this duty by our vasanas (our past impressions, our belief patterns and our personality traits). Vasanas are those strong aspects of our being which define our individuality and make us unique.

The Truth is that which is universal. Hence, our vasanas, which define our individuality, usually prevent us from realising our true nature. However, they can still be utilised in the pursuit of Truth.

When you express your personality selflessly, you eliminate your vasanas. That which is unique in you–your nature–will naturally express itself through your every action when you act without ego interference. You cannot avoid it. You do not need to know what is special about yourself; it will storm through you whether you will it or not.

Vasanas will usually create an obstruction in the flow but when you use your unique ability selflessly, the power of the storm is channelled. In selfless action, the personality can be expressed to its fullest without obstruction. Selfish actions, on the other hand, multiply and intensify our vasanas.

In the ultimate analysis, our unique talents and special characteristics are actually limiting because they cover our essential Self: our highest and true nature, which is independent, infinite and the source of unlimited potential. But when our strongest desires are expressed for the benefit of others, those vasanas are exhausted, and more and more we come to shine in our dharma.

To free yourself from your own personality traits and discover your infinite nature, simply express your uniqueness selflessly. Wherever you are, whatever your duty, undertake it selflessly and set yourself free.

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