10 Easy Ways to be Environment Friendly

10 Easy Ways to be Environment Friendly
Being an environmentally-conscious world citizen is not just about water, fuel and plastic bags. It is about the small everyday choices that we make, which quite literally in the long term will determine our success or failure as a species. Are you doing your bit? Make these choices a habit and influence others to do the same. What better way to celebrate World Environment Day (June 5)?

Conserve resources

Switch off the TV, lights, fans and gadgets when not in use. Fix leaky faucets.

Be water wise

Use a bucket instead of a shower, and use a bucket instead of a hose to wash your vehicle.

Turn down the bag

Carry a foldable shopping bag and say no to store bags, whatever the material.

Stop food waste

Waste of food is a waste of resources used to produce it.

Travel smart

Use a cycle, carpool or combine errands on a single trip.

Upcycle more

It keeps stuff out of the trash and prevents having to purchase new items.

Use green cleaning products.\

Chemical cleaning products affect our health and the environment.

Stop littering

Garbage on the street is a sore sight and also pollutes the air.

Go local

Buy local produce and reduce your carbon footprint.

Compost your green waste

It reduces trash and provides excellent food for plants.

Choose reusable over single-use

Use a steel bottle and tiffin; carry a foldable cup.

Plant trees

Celebrate special days by planting trees. One every year is certainly doable, right?

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