10 Times Swami Chinmayananda Nailed It Within 10 Words

10 Times Swami Chinmayananda Nailed It Within 10 Words

There are so many moments in life when Swami Chinmayananda's short but powerful messages come as a wake up call to the seeker. Here's listing my top 10, in no particular order.

  1. Detach and Attach. - ‘Detach’ from the lower and ‘attach’ to the Higher.

  2. Be Raja outside, Ram inside. - Reminds one to be dynamic in the transactional world, but composed and centred in the inner world.

  3. Not doing what you feel like doing is freedom. - Underlines the distinction between freedom and licentiousness.

  4. Keep smiling… all falls are a rise in the Total. - Motivates one to persevere on the spiritual path.

  5. Regularity is the secret of success. - To keep at a task even if the progress seems negligible in the short run.

  6. Mind at rest is a temple of joy. - There is immense happiness in silencing the mind.

  7. If I rest, I rust! - Do not give in to lethargy. Act with inspiration.

  8. Know what to do and do it Yourself. - Be decisive and fiercely independent.

  9. To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness. - Love is the means and end, it is also its own reward.

  10. Be aggressively good! - Like Sri Rama and all our heroes, act with dynamism.

Chinmaya Udghosh