10 Ways to Silence the Mind

10 Ways to Silence the Mind
Vadim Fedorchenko
  1. Exercise extensively or play a sport—work out a sweat. It helps relieve stress and makes you feel good.

  2. Breathe consciously. Keep your mind occupied by keeping a count for each inhale and exhale; be conscious of how each breath feels as the air goes in and out.

  3. Do japa. Use a Japa mala and chant your favourite mantra 108 times, at least.

  4. Dump it all on paper. Write down everything that comes to mind—whatever the thoughts, or feelings, write them down.

  5. Get creative. Indulge in some art and craft: doodling, painting, drawing, creating something out of paper or odds and ends, origami...

  6. Spend time in nature—with plants and animals. Stroll in a garden, play with a pet, go bird watching, trekking…

  7. Meditate. There are numerous apps and videos that can guide you to start meditating.

  8. Get involved in some social activity to do your bit to help others. Focussing on others automatically changes our perspective.

  9. Speak up! Speak with a trusted and reliable friend, mentor, or even a professional. Unburden your mind.

  10. Declutter your room or workspace…if not yours then someone else's. The act of putting things in order somehow quietens the mind too.

Chinmaya Udghosh