7 Types of Rest Everyone Needs

7 Types of Rest Everyone Needs

Physical Rest:

This is needed for better health and mind. In addition to sleep, physical rest can include anything that helps restore your body.

Mental Rest:

Give your brain a break. People need mental rest when they are overwhelmed and struggle to shut off their thoughts.

Emotional Rest:

This involved being authentic and honest with your feelings. People need emotional rest when they get stuck in people-pleasing.

Social Rest:

This is about pursuing positive, energizing, and supportive connections. Or sometimes simply taking a break from socialisation altogether for a while.

Sensory Rest:

It’s about giving your senses a break. People need this when they overwhelm their senses with constant stimuli, be it food, watching shows, hearing to songs, etc.

Creative Rest:

You need this when you feel stuck, uninspired, and unable to develop new ideas or solutions to your problems. Try exposing yourself to artistic, nature-based, and innovative environments.

Spiritual Rest:

It involves connecting with something larger than yourself. People need this when they find themselves so caught up in their issues that they can’t see or connect with the bigger picture.

Chinmaya Udghosh