Art Therapy for the Mind

Art Therapy for the Mind
Andrea Rankovic

If you feel worried, practise origami.

Folding paper helps solves problems.

If you need to make the right choice, draw waves and circles.

It helps your thoughts get aligned.

If you feel enraged, tear a piece of paper.

This will act as a symbolic release.

If you need to focus on a goal, draw grids and a target.

The symmetry helps the mind to get centred.

If you feel sad, paint a rainbow.

Colours can cure a bad mood.

If you feel stuck, draw spirals.

The continuity will inspire you to keep moving.

If you need to arrange your thoughts, draw cells or squares.

Putting a pattern on paper helps prioritise.

If you are angry, draw lines.

Simple patterns relax you.

If you feel listless, draw landscapes.

The vast expanse and minute details help to settle the mind.

If you feel desperation, draw roads.

You will feel relieved as roads symbolise exits.

If you feel confused, drawn an Indian mandala.

The rhythmic pattern keeps the eyes where the hands are.

If you need to understand your wishes, make a collage that grabs your attention.

Putting all our intuitions out there helps us choose wisely.

If you need to understand your feelings, draw yourself.

You will recognize your hidden feelings.

If you are bored, use different colours on a sheet.

What is not fascinating about the myriad of shades?

If you feel nostalgic, draw a maze.

Figuring a way in and out helps us navigate through memories.

Chinmaya Udghosh