Things to do Less Of - Things to Do More Off

Things to do Less Of - Things to Do More Off

Things To Do Less Of                                             

- Being tense and uptight                                          

- People pleasing                                                       

 - Comparing to others                                               

- Always being busy                                                   

 - Taking things for granted                                        

 - Holding onto the past                                              

 - Closing your heart                                                     

- Allowing your fears to consume you                       

 - Complaining                                                             

 - Having a scarcity mindset                                        

Thing To Do More Of

- Laughing and smiling

- Taking care of yourself

- Feeling content

- Stillness and self-reflection

- Appreciation and gratitude

- Being present

- Opening your heart

- Challenging your fears when they show up

- Positive dialogue

- Having an abundance mindset

Chinmaya Udghosh